What is HyperELK?

HyperElk is the best combat rotation bot available for World of Warcraft. We are proud to offer our service at a very competitve price with all the premium rotations for both retail and WOTlK included in your subscription.

We are constantly developing new features and updating our rotations to offer the best service available to our users.

Key Features


No Injection, No Memory Hack, No LUA Unlock. Driver based and randomized inputs.

Premium Retail and WOTLK Rotations Included

Unlike many other WoW Combat Rotation Bots, HyperElk includes premium PvE Rotations for Retail and WOTLK as part of the base subscription. This type of Combat Rotation is typically hidden behind a paywall on other platforms.

Damager Dealer, Tank and Healer Supported

Get the best out of HyperElk regardless of your specialization. 

Free and Fast Updates

The rotations included and the software are updated after each game updates. No downtime on patch days!

Multilanguage Client Support

HyperElk works with the WOW client in any language and with most keyboard types. 

Stellar Support

Fast support from our Moose Support Team, Deer Dev’s and the community on Discord.

Powerful API

Create your own rotations with our powerful and well documented API.

Easy Setup

Autobind all the required keybinds automatically, get started within minutes.